Healthy life & Joints session conducted

Punjab Rheumatology & Immunology Clinic observed World Arthritis Day on 12th October by conducting an interactive session on Joints and Arthritis: Prevention, Care & Health at IMA Hall Ludhiana. Dr Parshant Aggarwal MD DM Rheumatologist & Immunologist said scientific research has shown that Rheumatic and joint illnesses are leading cause of suffering & disability across the world. Early diagnosis and proper treatment is the key to ensure patients lead normal life with independence & dignity. That is why the theme for this year "Dont Delay Connect Today" is the most appropriate. In a lot of patients Rheumatic diseases remain undiagnosed and improperly treated leading to damage & suffering. For example Fibromyalgia remains undiagnosed in 3 out of 4 patients and average delay in diagnosis is 5 years. Lack of awareness about these disorders is the biggest reason for suffering in these treatable diseases. Treatment for joint pains has been revolutionized in the recent times and majority of patients can lead a near normal life if they take proper timely treatment. Punjab rheumatology centre was the first dedicated rheumatology service in the state of Punjab. Over the past couple of years it has served thousands of patients suffering from various autoimmune and arthritis illnesses and ensured good quality of life.

Dr Bharti said India is amongst the least health conscious nations. A lot of patients don’t take their symptoms seriously and consider arthritis to be minor pains requiring only pain killers. Fact of the matter is that joint pains can be a manifestation of serious internal disorder. A lot of patients attribute their symptoms to uric acid which is not correct. Uric acid in most cases is a marker of metabolic syndrome and majority of cases of joint pains have some other illness. Another interesting observation is that young females do not suffer from Gout.

One misconception is that there is no treatment for arthritis which is not true. There have been significant advances in treatment of joint diseases and all forms are arthritis is treatable. Joint pains have more than 100 causes and treatment depends upon the diagnosis. Rheumatologists specialize in diagnosis and treatment of these illnesses.

Another common misconception is that allopathic medicines have a lot of side effects which is not true. In contrast to other forms of treatment available allopathy is a transparent and scientific system. Any treatment that is offered to a patient has undergone rigorous research based on stringent criteria. It has to be proved that the medicines are safe for human use and their benefit far outweighs the potential side effects. Majority of patients do not experience any side effects with allopathic treatment if taken under supervision of a qualified medical practitioner. Allopathy is the most effective form of treatment available as a result of which it is the most widely accepted system across the world